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Thrissur Asthma Allergy and Pulmonology Centre - FENO Test

Asthma Allergy and Pulmonology ( Chest Diseases) Centre Thrissur Kerala has been routinely doing this test to fine tune Asthma management in the last 8 years,since it became available in India.

Asthma Allergy and other common Pulmonary Diseases ( Chest Diseases) have swelling in the airways. This can be measured by a Sensor into which the patient can easily blow into. The machine called NObreath measures the level of Nitric Oxide gas in our exhaled breath. It is a very simple indicator whether our nose and airways need inhaled Corticosteroids.The American Thoracic Society (ATS) strongly recommends the use of FeNO measurement to aid in the assessment, management, and long-term monitoring of asthma and allergy. ATS emphasizes the importance of using FeNO to:


  •     Understand possible causes of respiratory symptoms where there is no diagnosis of asthma
  •     Ensure appropriate treatment with anti-inflammatory medications, especially corticosteroids
  •      Patients with asthma caused by allergic airway inflammation have high levels of FeNO that decrease with corticosteroid treatment
  •         Knowing whether Pulmonary airway inflammation is present can help avoid an empiric trial of steroids.

This has Helped thousands of Asthma Allergy patients from not only Thrissur but also from Malappuram , Palakkad, Kochi ( Ernakulam) and Kozhikode districts.

The test needs only  blowing  of air by patient into the machine through a tube.



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