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Nasal Spray for Allergic Rhinitis

Asthma Allergy Centre Thrissur Dr Kurian Thomas comments

Allergic Rhinitis ie allergic sneezing most often lead to Asthma after a varying time of a few years to 10 years. So we have to get cured of Allergic sneezing to prevent asthma occuring. The best treatment for this is to directly spray Corticosreroid nasal Spray into both nose.


  1. The medication directly reaches the nose, the area of disease without entering into your blood. So effect is fast. Side effects are alnost nil. And the drug requirement is only 20% of tabler form.
  2. No sedation of other tablets which are used for sneezing
  3. patient is always alert and need not worry about sedation or drowsiness even when doing alert work.


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