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ASTHMA ALLERGY AND Pulmonology Centre Thrissur

ASTHMA  ALLERGY AND Pulmonology Centre Thrissur Kerala has been treating Childhood Asthma and adult Asthma Allergy Patients and COPD from all over Thrissur, Malappuram District ,Palakkad and Ernakulam (Kochi ) Kozhikode Districts and from all over Kerala since 1989 .It is the vision of  Dr Kurian Thomas Asthma Allergy Specialist and Pulmonary Medicine Professor  that Asthma and Allergy patients can be fully cured very easily if they get  specialised care. Doctor  Kurian Thomas  is holding MBBS, MD, DTCD  , DNB with 20 years experience in leading Medical College hospitals and as Professor  Pulmonology in  Medical College , Thrissur

He has extensive   teaching experience in Pulmonary Medicine department in Medical College Thrissur and other Medical Colleges in Kerala for over 20 years. He has also active participation with doctors in international and national conferences about Asthma and other allergies and interaction with senior faculty members of other Departments of Medical Colleges . These unique experiences are helping us to deliver best quality Asthma treatment  services to our asthma in child patients,Coughing asthma patients and being the best allergy specialist and allergy therapy Centre to stop Asthma And Allergy in Kerala in the field of Allergy & Asthma Specialisation. Beside this, his interest in patient education and patient motivation  has given us a holistic approach towards Stopping  asthma ,allergy and immunity related problems. He has already had  26 years of exclusive practice ;dedicated for Allergic Rhinitis ,Sneezing and Various forms and types of Allergy and Asthma including Childhood Asthma ,Cough like Asthma ,and Severe forms of Asthma and COPD .

Our values and goals


  •     All allergy patients from Thrissur, Palakkad, Malappuram, Ernakulam Kochi and Kozhikode Districts would be Provided best treatment for their  asthma and allergy related Pulmonary disorders ,including Sneezing ( Allergic Rhinitis and COPD.
  •     To improve quality of life to all patient and their family who have either Allergy, Sneezing or Childhood and Adult Asthma; within a few months of our Allergy Out Patient treatment by our Allergy Specialised Professor Dr Kurian Thomas with the minimum of medicines.
  •     To give our patients high quality medical care;but at affordable cost with no hospital admissions.
  •     To treat each patient with dignity, respect and kindness in a friendly and efficient environment
  •     To serve our community around 60 kms of Thrissur  through preventive and outreach  and educational and web based teaching video programme to create awareness about Allergy related disorders in the whole of kerala.





Asthma Allergy Pulmonology and Chest Centre Thrissur Kerala

Asthma Allergy Pulmonology and COPD Centre Thrissur Kerala

Dr Kurian Thomas MBBS; DTCD; MD ; DNB

Pulmonary Medicine Rtd Professor Medical College Thrissur

Pipe Line Road
Mylipadam, Thrissur

Ph : 0487 2333433
Mob : 9446333433